Better Travel Through Intention



Better Travel For The Rest of Your Life



Welcome to Intentional Traveler, where our goal is one thing: Better travel for the rest of your life.

Everything you’ll read, see and do at Intentional Traveler  is about to the simple idea that when you raise your awareness of your travel intentions, you are far more likely to get what you want from your travels.  Being intentional is super powerful, and our job is to make it super easy. Keep scrolling…

Your Travel Goal: Transformation. 

Travel is about transformation. Transforming ourselves and transforming our relationships with our travel companions.  We want to return from every journey different from how we were at the start:  More connected to our travel companions.  Enriched by a new culture.  Relaxed and re-energized.  Carrying new insights into what our world is all about.

The ways we transform through travel are limitless. The key to that transformation is being intentional in making it happen. 


Intention: The Key To Travel Transformation


Intention is simply declaring that we want to be or act in a certain way.  When it comes to travel, we want our intentions to be clear and we want to align them with those we’re traveling with.


The Intentional Traveler has the tools for doing this, and we have hundreds of tips and ideas that will make your intentions a reality.


Intrigued? Traveling Soon?

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The Intentional Traveler is a set of tools to help you get clear on your travel intentions, align them with anyone you're traveling with, and keep them alive and driving your experience throughout your journey. 

We are offering a select group of travelers a chance to put the tools to use in early 2018. Click below to request participation in the beta phase.